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Fraychilds post "Worst of the Worst" is ABSOLUTELY correct. I just got off the phone with TVSDEPOT-cancelled my order and called my credit card company. Next it will be the Attorney General's office. When you call a company and someone on the other line answers it by saying, hello, you can't help but ask, "What is the name of your company?" After three attempts, some guy tells me it is fotoconnection and is quite miffed that I am asking questions.

They had called my home earlier and left a message for me to call and confirm that I had placed the order......"as they had alot of fraud taking place".....

(even though they had already confirmed and were processing my order through my email.

After telling them I had placed the order, the man began to ramble on about the exterior of the camera being in plastic versus metal and would like to offer me the "better" product for another 30.00 bucks each. I started to ask some questions about the 2 cameras I was purchasing not being what I thought they were and trying to sort out what he was telling me....he became ANGRY with me and snippy, of which I decided I did not NEED to do business with them. I told him I thought it best to cancel my order. His reply was so unprofessional that my only conclusion is that this company needs to be shut down, they are not professional but at best a bunch of hoodlums working out of a room or two and stealing from the consumer!! I hope someone closes the doors on these fraudulent scam artists.


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