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I was expecting Acer Model AL2216Wbd 22" LCD Monitor, as I had ordered. I was just told that I received the 17” monitor because there was a “typo” on the website.

Ironically enough, there is absolutely no record of any Acer Model AL2216Wbd LCD monitor on the site, even though it is clearly stated on my original invoice. When speaking with Victor, he confirmed that it was a 22” monitor, which is why I continued with my order, even after having a $20 “insurance” charge added to my order.

After a few days of my order status not updating beyond “Ready to Ship”, I called to make sure everything was going smoothly. I was informed that the order had been received by the shipper and that it had been shipped. I requested a tracking number and was informed that one would be sent to me by 6pm that evening. 6pm came and went with no tracking number, so I called the next day and was informed that because my order was being drop-shipped, no tracking number would be available.

I informed the customer service rep that the last one I’d spoken to had told me I would get a tracking number, to which he responded that he would get in touch with the shipper and see if he could get one.

To make a long story short, I never did receive a tracking number. When the wrong monitor arrived today, I found out why: it was shipped out yesterday. Not March 21st as I had been told, or March 24th, as I had been told by someone else.

This company pulled a "bait and swtich", and I will be taking up their shady business practiced with the Attorney General, BBB, Dun & Bradstreet and the Federal Trade Commission.


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