DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY, STAY AWAY!!! This company is sneaky and dishonest, using a number of techniques to try to charge you more than what you initially agreed to.

The web page advertised free shipping but I was charged $160!! They are liars, stay away, buy from someone else!! Their customer service is non-existent; instead of calling it customer service it should be called customer screwing.TVs Depot seems to enjoy keeping the pot boiling. You are at an aggravation level of 10 from start to finish.

First they charge your credit card immediately, even when they have no intention or capacity to ship for weeks ahead. You are lured to their website with "FREE SHIPPING". You place the order and get a call the next day that your TV is so heavy that you must pay $160 S&H fee. They insult your intelligence.

They will never call or e-mail you on delivery progress as Customer Service is non-existent. They desperately attempt to increase the sale margin as they continuously lie to you about the status of your order. They also have a long review history of damaged deliveries.

You have 24 hours to report it, or you own it.

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